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Two new videos are on the way

I’m currently working on two new videos, one about the station at West Bay, Dorset and the other is about Montacute Station, just outside of Yeovil, Somerset.

Both stations are on lines I’m still planning videos for, the Bridport Branch and the Yeovil to Taunton Railway. I’m still on the lookout for cine film of both lines, which I know are out there, but again, getting my hands on them are proving difficult.

I was given some video footage, from all over the South West, but it had a very brief shot of Montacute Station. The video footage was only about 6 seconds, but it’s very unique and still nice to see.

Montacute Station, cira 1960
Montacute Station, cira 1960


Hopefully there is more video on the way. I was given permission to be able to send the drone up and get some shots of the Yeovil line from above. It didn’t go as planned, as I did manage to follow the wrong road, but the I salvaged it at the end.

The old Yeovil to Taunton Railway line
The old Yeovil to Taunton Railway line


This is just above Morrison’s, where Hendford Halt used to be, heading towards Pen Mill, on the path to Nine Springs. The video footage is impressive.


9.5mm and 16mm

Another quick update is, I can now do 9.5mm and 16mm cine film to digital again. If you have any, please feel free to get a QUOTE.

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