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Updates for the new year

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  • Post published:28th December 2023
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2024 is almost upon us and, for me, the New Year will be bringing some exciting changes and updates for Aarchive.


If you haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s simple, you can get exclusive content of all the new videos that I will be producing. As of the beginning of January 2024, I will be creating weekly updates on all new productions and providing images, and videos, depending on the tier you join. There is also the opportunity for early access for new videos.

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New Equipment

It has been a while since I have needed to upgrade any equipment here because it was originally built to last. In the New Year, I am investing in new frame-by-frame scanning equipment that will be less fiddly that the system I have and also provide even better quality than the cine film to digital transfers I do at the moment. I’m actually excited about this and cannot wait to see how improved the results will be. The even better news is, there will be no increase of the prices of cine film to digital.

New Collaborations

I cannot say too much at the moment, but it looks like I will be getting exclusive footage from two of the preserved railways in the South West. Both of which still use a lot of steam trains and are great places to visit. I can’t say anymore at the moment, but it is exciting.

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