Cine Film to Digital

Don’t let your priceless memories gather dust and fade away; use our expertise and years of knowledge to preserve and enjoy them for many more years to come!

With more than 40 years experience in the film business dealing with Super & Standard 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm & 35mm, we understand how to treat old films. We have transferred 9.5mm films dated from 1898 with the original quality still in excellent condition!

Prices start from just £30

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Super/Standard 8mm to Digital

If you have 8mm cine film that you would like to be transferred, please use the link below. 

9.5mm/16mm to Digital

9.5mm & 16mm is an older form and requires a little more care and attention to work with it. 

All Digital Transfers Include

Ready to go

The cine film ends up as a digital format, ready view, to upload to YouTube or social media.


Since our system is all set up, there is no cost for any sound, but please inform us if you think your film has sound on it.

Cleaning and repair

With over 40 years' experience dealing with cine film, we carry out all repairs and cleaning professionally.

Free from user end protection

You can edit and copy the digital files we supply, including the DVDs.

Special Delivery postage

All transfers are sent back via Special Delivery.

VAT included

All prices are all inclusive of everything, including VAT.

How it works

Get your films to us

Pack your films up safely and arrange to drop them in or send them to us via Special Delivery

Have them transferred

We will quote you and keep you up to date about how the transfer is going. 

Get them back

Once it is all complete, we can get your films back to you, with the digital copy. 

What format of cine film do you have?

Super/Standard 8mm

8mm is the most common form of home movie format. Standard 8mm was made (around) 1960 – 1980, after that, Super 8mm became the regular format. 

Prices are as follows : 

  • Minimum of £30
  • 50ft Reels – £5 each
  • 200ft Reels – £20 each
  • 400ft Reels – £40 each

You only pay for the footage on the reel, not the size of the reel, you will be fully quoted before the transfer is undertaken. The minimum footage for a single reel is 50ft. 


16mm was what the BBC and other outside filming was originally filmed on, before the days of video. The quality was very good to excellent. It was popular around 1900 – 1980. 

Prices are as follows : 

  • Minimum of £40
  • 50ft Reel – £10 each
  • 200ft Reel – £40 each
  • 400ft Reel – £80 each

You only pay for the footage on the reel, not the size of the reel, you will be fully quoted before the transfer is undertaken. The minimum footage for a single reel is 50ft. 


9.5mm was more common before around 1945. The image quality is generally excellent. We have transferred 9.5mm cine film from 1898, which is on the DVD production North Devon’s Lines. 

Prices are as follows : 

  • Minimum of £50
  • 50ft Reel – £10 each
  • 200ft Reel – £40 each
  • 400ft Reel – £80 each

You only pay for the footage on the reel, not the size of the reel, you will be fully quoted before the transfer is undertaken. The minimum footage for a single reel is 50ft. 

Have your home movies on a digital format

To find out how much it would cost to put your cine film on to digital, simply use our online quote form.

What size reels do you have?

There are three main sizes of reels:

  • 50ft – about 3 inches in diameter
  • 200ft – about 5 inches in diameter
  • 400ft – about 7 inches in diameter

For larger reels, please contact us.

Obviously, the colours and makes of the reels can vary. On some reels the size in feet and metres is written on the side.

At Aarchive Films, we do not charge you for the size of the reel or an ‘hourly rate’, but only the footage that is on the reel. The order form will give you a good idea of the price, but once we have our films with us, we will make sure we call you and fully quote before the transfer is undertaken, so you will know exactly how much you will be paying.

Here is an example of the three main size of reels (please not, the reels vary in colour and the ‘look’ oft them, it’s the size that’s important) :

Frequently Asked Questions

Aarchive Film Productions is a small family run business with over 40 years experience with all formats of cine film. At one time, it was the 3rd largest company (known then as Movie Memories) in the UK dealing with 8mm movies and sold them all over the world. The owner, Phil, was showing Super 8mm movies to his friends as a young  boy and has been dealing with cine film all his life. He undertakes all the cine film transfers personally, so, as you have your transfer done, the greatest care is taken to not only get the best picture and sound quality, but also have it fully monitored by someone with a lifetime of experience! Also, Aarchive Films is no longer producing any more historical documentaries, so they can fully concentrate all their efforts into cine to digital transfers. For more of a history of Aarchive please visit the About Aarchive page.

No! Some companies will tell you they use a computer to cut down on the flicker, or strobing; this means they are getting the flicker in the first place. Because we have a life time of experience we know how to project the cine film, so we do not get flicker to start with.

Yes, and it will cost you nothing. All repairing of the cine film is included in the price and professionally undertaken.

If you have your cine film on to USB, you simply have to have a computer, plug in the USB and the files are there and ready for you to watch, edit or upload to social media. 

The DVDs will play on any DVD player, computer or games system (like the PS3 upwards and the Xbox). 

When you have the cine film to a digital format is is an MP4, which is the most commonly used format for editing, uploading etc. 

The files are in a 1080p size and ready for you to use. 

Yes. The discs we burn are non-copyrighted and protection free. Even with a basic home editing package, you will be able to copy and edit them yourself, but please check the computer or software manual to make sure it will accept DVD-Rs.

On a USB Stick, it can be several hours of footage, all in HD 1080p quality. 

We can fit up to about 2 hours on 1 DVD disc. If you transfer a lot of cine film they will be split up at no extra cost to the amount of discs you have. They are clearly labelled, so you know which reels are on which disc.

A smaller transfer (maybe only a few reels) can be done the same day, and if payment is sent with it, sent straight back to you, however, this is not guaranteed; the average time taken is about 2-3 days. On larger jobs you will be quoted, but it is not usually more than about 2 weeks.

No. We only charge you for the footage of film you have, not the size of the reels. For example, you may have a 400ft reel with only 150ft of film on it; you will be charged for the 150ft of film, NOT the 400ft reel.

Yes. All sound is transferred free of charge. If you know your film has a sound track on it, a thin brown strip down one side (Magnetic Sound on 8mm and 16mm) or a clear strip down one side, with what looks like a black squiggly line (Optical Sound, 16mm only), then please mention this BEFORE your transfer is undertaken. We can transfer sound for both 8mm and 16mm.

You can pay with cash (in person), by major credit or debit card, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. All transfers are quoted before the job is undertaken and payment needs to be received before the transfer is sent back to you or on collection. If you know how much footage you have, a cheque can be included (made payable to Aarchive Film). For credit card or PayPal payments, please contact us first.

If you are local to the Yeovil/Taunton area you can call and arrange to drop them in, otherwise by post. We strongly suggest sending the films using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service as it guarantees a signature before 1:00pm the next day. It costs a little more, but how much value do you put on your family memories! Just a note, some companies suggest and will only use Recorded Delivery. Recorded goes in with the normal post, and items can easily be lost or damaged, with compensation of only £32.00! We will only use Special Delivery, it is sent via a different courier, has full tracking, it insured up to £500 and guarantees the films are signed for. In addition, we will always call and speak to someone, to make sure there is some one there to be able to sign for the package.

We do not take in old cine film equipment any more. We suggest Ebay or trying to sell them locally.

Mail order specialist

If you aren’t local, you are welcome to send your home movies to us, please use the form on the following page for all the details.