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Memories of the Plymouth to Yealmpton Railway

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  • Post published:30th October 2023
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Memories of the Plymouth to Yealmpton Railway is now on the YouTube channel. It’s in its original format, but I already have plans to update it. I need to get down to Plymouth and visit the walkway for the site and also meet up with the author of the book, which the video is based on.

Anthony Kingdom wrote the book The Plymouth to Yealmpton Railway. This was the main inspiration for the video being made. Anthony was always happy to work with dad and myself, and we several of his books inspired some of the videos we made.

I’ve been in touch with Anthony again and plan to meet up with him again. He has sent me through some new images of the lines to Yealmpton, and Turnchapel. This one is of Billacombe station. Taken some time after 1960, when the station had been closed to both passenger and goods traffic.

Billacombe Station, post-1960.
Billacombe Station, post-1960.


These images will be in the new update of the video about the Yealmpton railway. I plan on getting all new digital quality footage and take the drone up. I don’t have a date for when it will be ready, but if you subscribe to the channel, you’ll see it when it’s ready.

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