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Turnchapel Station, Plymouth

The Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways Update

Well, I had a nice weekend. I managed to get down to Plymouth, to see my mum and to do some filming for an update on the video Plymouth to Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways.


Most of the filming went very well. The downside was the weather, which was forecast to be sunny, but on the Sunday morning, it wasn’t that good. The only bit of filming I had to finished was Turnchapel station, so the footage isn’t the best, but it’s been done. I might try and update it again at a later stage.

The Friday and Saturday though were great. I had to shoot at Cattewater, Lucas Terrace, Plymstock, Oreston and Embankment Road. I did a lot of walking, which I’m not used too, but it was worth.

Interestingly, I wondered up to Cathcart Avenue, which is where dad used to live and had a shop, where he sold Super 8mm movies and projectors. The shop is long gone. Here is a badly composited image of then and now.

Plymouth Home Movie Center
Plymouth Home Movie Center


More Images

I have been spending the past few weeks updating the photos of Turnchapel, from the book The Turnchapel Brand by Anthony Kingdom. In the original video, we had to literally filmed the photos from the book and, to be honest, it wasn’t the best way of doing it. Now, I have scanned them, which has improved the quality, and Tony has given me some new images of the line.

Tony Kingdom

It’s been an awfully long time, but I Tony reached out to me about getting a new copy of the videos about the Turnchapel and Yealmpton railways. I was happy to provide them for him, as we based the videos off the books by Tony.

I was able to catch up with Tony this weekend and it was very nice to see him again, after all this time. I’ve informed him that the videos are getting an update.


Now that all the filming has been done, the photos are ready to go, I can make a start on the editing. It’s simple, but takes time, I have the original video laid down, go over the footage I have and replace areas that need updating.

Editing the Turnchapel Railway video
Editing the Turnchapel Railway video

One thing that does need doing it using new music. Dad was actually a very good musician and was the lead guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band in the 1970’s in Plymouth. When it came to choosing music for the videos, I have to say, his choices weren’t the best. That’s mostly likely as the range of music was limited back in the day.

I want to keep dad’s original narration, so I have been using AI to separate the dad’s voice from the background music. It’s incredibly clever and really makes dad’s voice pop. I’ve so pleased I can.

Plymouth to Turnchapel & Cattewater should be online in a couple of weeks, although I might have it as a ‘launch’ for March.

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