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Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways Remastered

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The remaster of The Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways is now online. It is only available on my PATREON and members of my YOUTBUE CHANNEL, but it will be available to all very soon, hopefully March.

All of the images and maps have been updated and the aerial footage has a new look. The edit went very well and I hope you all enjoy it. Here is a clip of the cine film of the day, which was originally from TSW Archives, which is now The Box in Plymouth.

I was able to update the photos and try and recreate the images and what they look like now.

Plymstock Railway Station, Plymouth - Now & Then
Plymstock Railway Station, Plymouth – Now & Then


It’s a bit of a hike to find where Plymstock station was nowadays, unless you walk the route. It’s such a shame, as Plymstock is such a busy area of Plymouth, having a train line or metro, would really help with the traffic.

Mum still lives in Hooe and my old bedroom overlooks Hooe Lake. In the lake is the remains of the swing bridge that used to run over the lake into Turnchapel Station. These photos are almost 100 years apart. The black and white photo was taken by H. C. Casserley in 1926 of a Class 02, No. 233 heading over Hooe Lake towards Turnchapel station.

Hooe Lake, Now & Then
Hooe Lake, Now & Then


The entire story of The Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways is online for subscribers and will be available for all on Monday 5th March.

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