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The Newquay to Chacewater Branch Line

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  • Post published:13th July 2023
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I just had an interesting phone call from a nice gentleman in Penzance, Cornwall. The gentleman in question has some movie footage of the Newquay to Chacewater Railway and surrounding area. The long story short is, it looks like a video will be in the works about the line.

While I was looking around for information about the Yeovil to Taunton Railway, the current video I’m working on. I  found a great site called the Cornwall Railway Society. They have an amazing collection of steam train photographs from around the South West and the UK.

I sent them an email asking for permission to use some of the images and it turns out the site is run by someone who knew dad. Dad passed away in 2001, but before that, the owner of the CRS site got in contact with dad and said about a video on the Newquay to Chacewater Railway.

It’s taken about 20 years, but it now looks like the video will be made. Do you have any movie footage of the line? Any photos or other memories? Please reach out to me if you do, it would be great to hear from you.

Image is from St Agnes station in Cornwnall and used with kind permission of Roger Winnen.

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