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Thank you Dad!

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  • Post published:7th January 2024
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Today, dad would have been 78.

I do miss him a lot. I still watch movies and TV shows and think that he would have liked them. He would have loved Stranger Things and, I hope, he would have hated Disney Star Wars. Although, I imagine he would say he liked them, just to wind me up.

Dad passed away in 2001, but I like to think he would be happy to know that Aarchive, the company we started today, is still running today. It’s certainly not the same. Cine film to digital isn’t as busy as it once was, but then, there’s a finite amount of footage out there.

He would have loved new technology. Back in the day, to get aerial footage, we had to pay for a helicopter to do the filming for us, for a small fortune. I now have a drone that I can pretty much take up anywhere, at any time, and there’s no extra cost. Although, I would never of let him fly it, I know he would lose it somehow.

I am still working on updating the DVDs I made with dad. They have his narration on them and I love hearing his voice, and little jokes he would put into the scripts. He maybe gone, but he’s certainly not forgotten. Thank you dad, I miss you mate!

Dad doing a Hitchcock, in Plymouth to Launceston
Dad doing a Hitchcock, in Plymouth to Launceston

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