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Back Along The Kingsbridge Line – Revisited

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  • Post published:10th August 2023
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I am going to my mum’s next week and had planned on filming some updated footage for the Plymouth to Turnchapel & Cattewater Railways, which I have just put up on my YouTube Channel, but instead, I will be haading to Kingsbridge.

While I was scouting around, I happened to make a phone call to Loddiswell Signal Box which was on the line from Brent to Kingsbridge, Devon. I had a lovely chat with the owner and arranged to go and do some filming to update the ‘modern day’ footage.

It turns out that the last train on the line ran in Sept 1963, 60 years ago, so I have changed my plans and will be revisiting the Kingsbridge Line and some of the stations on the line.

We never had the chance to get any aerial footage of the line, but now I have the drone, I can, which should make for an interesting update.

You can stay at Loddiswell Signal Box, CLICK HERE for a link to their website.

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