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Filming Steam at the Yeovil Railway Centre 

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It’s been a long time since I filmed a steam train, over 20 years in fact. I honestly cannot remember, but it must have been with dad there.

I said a little while ago, I was going to help the Yeovil Railway Centre with their videos. Well, this week was the first weekend the YRC was open and I was happy to be there. I haven’t really been down there before, but what a great place to visit.

This opening weekend had steam train rides, engine driver experiences, model railways and more.

Pictin at the Yeovil Railway Centre
Pictin at the Yeovil Railway Centre

The Smell of Steam

I got there about 9am, but was told the regular volunteers got there about 6am to get the engines warmed up. It obviously take a lot of effort to get the fires made, water to get steamed and go over all the checks before the members of the public arrive for a great day out.

Standing on the platform and watching the steam coming out of the train was great! The engine was the 0-4-0 saddle tank, Pictin. Originally built in 1921, number 1579, by Peckett & Sons Ltd of Bristol. I’ve had comments about the engine already and an entire video is planned about it.

A brew between filming
A brew between filming

More to Come

The good thing about the day was, there are more to come. I will be working with the Yeovil Railway Centre this year, making new videos, filming events and generally having a good day out.

If you fancy a visit, you can have a look at their WEBSITE for more information about the days they have planned. And make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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