9.5mm & 16mm Cine Film to USB Stick

9.5mm/16mm to USB Stick
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9.5mm & 16mm

9.5mm, with the holes in the middle of the film, was from pre-war, when 16mm started to become the standard, including used for outside broadcasts for TV companies. 

Due to the age of the both of these formats, the price  of transferring them is slightly higher, since more care is needed. 

Reel sizes

There were 3 main sizes of cine film reels : 

  • 50ft – standard size 
  • 200ft 
  • 400ft 

The larger reels were spliced together. The form is for a quote, if the reel is not full, you only pay for the amount of footage you have, rounded off to the nearest 50ft. 

Your reels may look different, they came in all styles and colours. 

When you are happy with your quote, please click and print the Quote Form below and send it with your films. 

As soon as your films are with us, we will call you and confirm everything.